Hey! Thanks for joining us on The Unstoppable Entrepreneur!  Here is a free PDF of one of the most important chapters of my book, Bulletproof Mindset, HomeField Advantage.  Please do not mass distribute the file.  If you want to purchase a full copy of my book, you can do so on Amazon.com via this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0996931449

In this chapter, I talk about how when you go out into the world and are trying to become successful, you need to have homefield advantage when you head back home.  By advantage, I mean having the support, love, and motivation from the people you love to help you reach that next level… some people have some much negativity at home that it holds them back from becoming successful.  I hope that you enjoy this crucial chapter from my book and if you can, give me a shout out on instagram (@angelolverajr) so we can help other people have a Bulletproof Mindset!