Having a Bulletproof Mindset is the key to having success.

This book explains and gives you tips about the different mindsets you could be in and how to take control and become Bulletproof.

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Easy read with humor and on-point observations. Great tools learned from someone who has already walked the walk. Get it, you won’t regret it!
Mr. Angel Olvera has mastered what it is to have a Bulletproof Mindset. He leads by example and lives by what he teaches.
This book was such a great read!! Full of valuable information to keep entrepreneurs on the right path and a great “heads up” for anyone who’s new to the business.
S. Silva
Great book! Really teaches you about different mindsets and how to get into and stay in the right mindset! 10/10 would recommend.
I would consider this a “must read” for anyone interested in increasing personal productivity and achievement towards their goals. The practical information provided in this book presents challenges to the reader to help shift their thinking and therefore improve their everyday lives.
Wendy Pacheco
I Love that this book is an easy read! I Love that he shares from the heart and is so real!!! Thank you for writing this book to help so many! It has been an amazing read!
Angel exemplifies people who were bold in their lives and who took chances that paid off regardless of their circumstances. He demonstrates how through willpower and understanding yourself, you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. I enjoyed reading his book and found his tips insightful!
This book is a must read. Why not learn from someone who has done it already!

About The Author

Angel grew up in the harsh streets of Los Angeles, CA.  He didn’t come from money but always wanted to live a lifestyle people dreamt about. He also didn’t graduate from high school but soon figured out that he had to find… something.  Angel started a career in construction and custom wood-working, exchanging his time for money to pay his family’s growing bills. During that stage in his life, a co-worker introduced him to a Network Marketing business… and it changed his life.  This was the vehicle that Angel was looking for so that he could work full time in his job… but part time on his dreams.

Angel has helped thousands of people walk away from their jobs and experience that same lifestyle. Now, Angel Olvera owns several different types of businesses, generates millions of dollars annually throughout his networks and helps mentor people with drive and commitment to spring board their dreams and ideas into tangible success.

“I’m not an overnight success story. In fact, my story is quite the opposite. But I was persistent and dedicated.  And I didn’t let anyone else dictate my life or how I would react to challenges… I built a Bulletproof Mindset to get me through anything.” – Angel Olvera

Trained on stage with powerhouses like

Eric Thomas, Bryan Tracy, John C Maxwell, Tim Grover, Mel Robbins, and more!

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