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Success doesn’t come easily for us. We long for a better life and to make a difference. But days turn into weeks, then months, then years. And the dreams we once had seem to fade away. We wonder about ourselves. “What am I doing wrong?”If you’ve ever felt discouraged, worn out, or let down, you are holding the right book in your hand. What you are about to read could be the best and most helpful book you have read in a long time. Because while a rare group of people seem to live with instant success and significance, the vast majority of us don’t. Having a Bulletproof Mindset is the key to having that success.  I’m not an overnight success story. In fact, my story is quite the opposite. But I was persistent and dedicated. And with the mindsets I highlight in this book, something amazing happened to me… and it can happen for you too.

Get ready to take control of your mindset and become Bulletproof.

About Mr Olvera

Angel grew up in the harsh streets of Los Angeles, CA.  He didn’t come from money but always wanted to live a lifestyle people dreamt about. He also didn’t graduate from high school but soon figured out that he had to find… something.  Angel started a career in construction and custom wood-working, exchanging his time for money to pay his family’s growing bills. During that stage in his life, a co-worker introduced him to a Network Marketing business… and it changed his life.  This was the vehicle that Angel was looking for so that he could work full time in his job… but part time on his dreams.

A lot of time and dedication went into that business and at the age of 23, Angel hit the second highest position. He accomplished this in 6 months and decided to go full-time and has been ever since.

In the last 10 years, he has helped thousands of people walk away from their jobs and experience that same lifestyle. Now, Angel Olvera owns several different types of businesses, generates millions of dollars annually throughout his networks and helps mentor people with drive and commitment to spring board their dreams and ideas into tangible success.

“How many more tomorrows are there going to be?” – Angel Olvera

Global Leadership

Angel is the founder of one of the largest leadership training programs in his industry. He has had the chance to train in several countries as well as personally mentor and help create millionaires.

Speaking Engagements

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