About Mr Olvera

Angel grew up in the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles, CA.  He don’t come from money but always wanted to live a lifestyle people dream about. He didn’t graduate from high school but soon figured out that he had to find… something. Angel started a career in custom wood-working exchanging his time for money to pay his family’s growing bills. During that stage in his life, a co-worker introduced him to a Network Marketing business… and it changed his life.

A lot of time and dedication went into that business and at the age of 23, Angel hit the second highest position. He accomplished this in 6 months and decided to go full-time and has been ever since.

In August of 2007, one of his good friends introduced him to Kyani. Angel was open-minded although a bit skeptical… but he had to see what she was doing.  He looked at the company overview and immediately got excited. It was a fact that our society had become much more health conscious. That strengthened his belief that the Health & Wellness Industry was projected to be the next Trillion Dollar Industry. Angel knew one thing in business and that’s timing and positioning and Kyani is at that point.  He had to make a move.

Angel was excited about that move and thanks to that decision; he now lives an amazing lifestyle with so much flexibility and freedom. In the last 7 years, he has helped thousands of people walk away from their jobs and experience that same lifestyle. Improving your health and allowing you to live a free lifestyle while helping others; that’s what Kyani does. That’s what it did for Angel Olvera.

So now, Mr Olvera has a couple of questions for you; ”How many more tomorrows are there going to be? Are you ready for change?” You can do the same for others as I did by being a part of this amazing opportunity.”

Mr Olvera’s Success

Kyaini CEO Council

Member from 2007 - Present
Screenshot 2015-06-29 14.33.08

Top Producer

In every Rank reached, Angel has been the Top Producer in the entire company.

Multi Millionaire

Became a Multi Million dollar earner in Kyani

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Mr Olvera’s Team

Angel is the founder of one of the largest producing teams in Kyani. With hundreds of thousands strong, they plan to become the largest and most successful team with a unified training system in network marketing history.

Your First 90 Days in Network Marketing

Angel Olvera guides you on how your first 90 days in Network Marketing should be to ensure a powerful and successful business!



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